God & Israel OUT of DNC platform. Wait!! They’re back IN.

Dick Durbin went ballistic yesterday when asked by Bret Baier why the DNC platform committee would remove the wordsGod given right” and was that significant.  Bret goes on to document that the number of times that God was mentioned in the platform has gone down every four years for the past cycles since 1980.  Senator Dick Durbin then loses his ever loving mind.  (See the transcript.)  He also asks why Jerusalem was removed as the capital of Israel.

Kudos to Baier for sticking to the question, and refusing to be distracted from his original line of questioning.  The big takeaway from this?  If you want to see a discussion on jobs?  Ask about the Democrat Party platform.  Durbin cannot stomach being forced to answer for his party’s Marxist ways.  So he spins.

*BREAKING:  This afternoon, after a considerable backlash to the removal of the words “God given right” and Jerusalem from their party platform, delegates suspended the rules and put the words back into the platform through an amendment process.  WHile this may placate many blue dog Dems and fools that are honestly shocked by the callous nature of the platform, I guarantee you that they will remove them again in 2016 and they will stay out.  No amount of backlash will put them back in.  Why else would they cull those words out slowly over time? The Democrat Party is moving hard left, and there is no place for God over there.

Before you start in on me for lying about the sweet, kind, good natured Democrats.  The party of the poor, the ones that want to tax my butt into oblivion to give money to the hungry children by funneling it through the governments efficient coffers first: Check. The. Facts.

The Democrat party is the party of abortion on demand even after a live birth (infanticide), homosexual rights, and the Occupy anarchists.  That is who they are.  They attempted to remove the mask for Americans this election year.  Next time they will take it off and leave it off.

The only problem is that it sounded as if the delegates were evenly split between the Yeas and Nays.  Christians should reevaluate their member ship in the Democrat Party.  The leadership is leaving the party faithful behind in it’s death march towards Socialism/ Marxism.

Remember: there is only one reason to put the mask back on.  Because people won’t vote for what they see beneath.  This time.

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    Maggie 5 September, 2012 at 18:33 Reply

    Great,I can relax now! Once again the party of no morals whatsoever, has decided perhaps they did wrong by not merely mentioning God and supporting Israel,until it became a political backlash. Such honest,decent ,intelligent people.NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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