Governor Walker faces recall for his successful union reforms

Only in an upside down topsy turvy world, would budgetary success and jobs saved result in someone possibly losing their job.  That is exactly what Governor Walker of Wisconsin is facing right now.  Because he dared to challenge and successfully reform collective bargaining laws for public sector employees, he is facing a recall election.  The only reason that people would ever recall a governor is corruption right?  Wrong. 

The following video is a commerical by It’s Working Wisconsin and it chronicles the reform measure’s successes.  That’s right, I said successes. 

The longer, historically detailed video is available for viewing here

To clarify: Budgets previously in deficit, are now in surplus.  Teachers that were fearing layoffs, are now secure.  And the taxpayers are not facing tax increases in a down economy.  Fiduciary responsibility yields fiscal prosperity!

So in response, the Dems (Fleebaggers) are whining and plan to recall Governor Walker, because in their world, you punish success and work as hard as you possibly can to bring back failure!  I mean, if teachers keep their jobs, and the budget shows a surplus, well that’s just wrong people!!!!  Yawn…

Send Governor Walker your prayers and if you can, donate to his fight.  His is a success story that should be celebrated. Too bad we are living in bizarro world until November 2012…


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