Here is an idea for US Energy Policy: All of the above

I’m so sick of feeling the pain at the pump under President Obama’s non leadership.  It hurts families, it hurts business, it hurts America.

In November we have an opportunity to have new leadership on this issue and we cannot afford to get this wrong.  Any of the Republican contenders would bring the price of oil down and stop the EPA from destroying our clean coal energy producers.  The choice is ours…


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  1. Margaret 1 April, 2012 at 23:26 Reply

    If the news media was doing their job, they’d be doing stories about where the oil rigs that used to be in the gulf are now, and the numbers of jobs and businesses lost on the gulf coast. They’d be doing stories about the coal-fired power plants around this country, where they are, and how many people they serve, and what their closure means. They’d be doing stories about how the cost of living, not the phony index of the cost of living the federal government does, but the real inflationary cost of energy and groceries since 2008 for American consumers. These are stories that would embarass the Administration, and someone needs to tell the shameful truth.

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