Homeschool kids turned away

Out of the great state of Virginia:

As usual, there is a total lack of comprehension when it comes to Homeschool kids rights and the public school’s responsibilities towards them.  Homeschooled children do not participate in the public school environment, but their parents’ tax dollars do!  And they have no choice about that. So what happens when kids want to play sports at public school, like Tim Tebow did when he was growing up?  


via Townhall:

Interesting to see that public school administrators have signed contracts with a private entity, VHSL, which actively discriminates in the precise way public school groups so vehemently favor.

The Virginia High School League offered their own glass-half-empty statement in opposition to the legislation, explaining that, “If a non-student makes the team, a student attending the school will not.” The VHSL statement also quoted an ominous warning from former State Superintendent for Public Instruction William Bosher, that “Allowing students who are homeschooled to participate in high school athletics could change the entire structure of high school athletics.”

But would this earth-shattering “change” to “the entire structure” be good or bad?

The legislation has been dubbed “The Tebow Bill,” after Tim Tebow, the NFL’s rookie sensation, who led the Denver Broncos to the playoffs. Before that Tebow was a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback for the University of Florida and before that he was a homeschool kid allowed to play football for his local public high school. Of course, homeschoolers are sometimes a little unconventional. Tebow has consistently failed to get arrested on drug or gun charges and, even more controversially, he talks about his religious faith.

For the last time folks, taxpayers have rights too.  And school Administrators can’t refuse homeschool students access…  They are taxpayers too.

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    weschoolathome 15 February, 2012 at 14:40 Reply

    A homeschool mom for well over ten years, I am adamantly against homeschoolers participating in extracurricular activities at local public schools. Reasons:(1) Sure, we pay taxes, and “have rights”, but so does the elderly lady across the street. And they assuredly will not let her play football, should she decide to try out. The benefit we all receive from property taxes paid is primarily returned in property values.(2) Attending public school is a choice. So is homeschooling. Make the choice that is best for your family and live with all aspects of that choice. Both the good AND the not so good.(3) Homeschoolers are best advised to keep the government out of their business. Taking gov’t services of any kind always has strings attached which translate down the line into control.(4) It is inherently unfair to all the public students if the homeschooler sleeps until noon to rest up on the day of the state meet when they are required to attend school all day. It happens. It is resented, trust me. And….It is unfair.(5) No matter how nice your kid is, there will be some level of conflict with the other kids on the team if you “took Johnny’s spot” at state. Sure, I am all for spirited competition and do not believe in the “everyone wins” and “we all get a trophy” mentality. I am talking about the joys of unity of team spirit and cohesiveness, the best part of team sports.(6) Most sports are college-recruited more heavily out of club teams than high school teams, with the possible exception of football or basketball. If Johnny’s getting that football scholarship is THAT important, enroll him in the public school. Our kids were elite club athletes. However, we chose to enable our kids to snag full ride scholarships via academics, which are guaranteed renewable and not at risk due to injury.That’s just my 2 cents’ worth, from an old homeschooling mom’s perspective.Just sayin’.

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    Stacy on the Right 15 February, 2012 at 15:48 Reply

    Thank you for providing your insights. Your points are excellent, but the fact remains that public school is taxpayer funded. And for many, their property taxes are far beyond any home value return, especially since the bubble burst. Life in general isn’t segmented into tightly knit little groups that enable you to completely avoid outside competition. This entire discussion points back to the reasons that many choose to homeschool in the first place, the shift to the left in public education is patently wrong. These types of battles are bound to occur more and more…

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