It’s okay, to make a change. The RNC gets it right | Video

This video is so good that apparently, the Dems are all in a tizzy about it.  I can see why!

via the GOP

The text of the ad: 

President Obama came to the White House with big plans.

He’d half the deficit, strengthen the economy, lower unemployment.

What did we get? National debt over $15 trillion and climbing.

Unemployment above 8% for 40 straight months.  An ongoing economic crisis with no end in sight.

He tried, you tried, it’s okay, to make a change…

The Republican National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Can’t you just hear the collective sighs of Americans all over the country as they gently come to the realization that no one will hold their previous support of Obama against them?  Just do the right thing this time folks!  Vote for the job creator…


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