JAM with SOTR: Illegal Alien Windfall

Illegal aliens cost the United States taxpayers an estimated $135 billion a year. Those same illegal aliens have sent an amount almost equal to that to 3 central American nations since 2009. 

Annual remittances from illegal aliens living and working in the United States represent 20% of the economy in Honduras and El Salvador. 

Congress has made attempts to pass legislation taxing remittances at 7%. In 2016 immigrants in the United States sent  home $138 billion dollars! 

Seven percent of that would be nearly $10 billion –  an amount that represents a sizable chunk of the money requested by President Trump to finish the border wall. 

Leadership in El Salvador Guatemala and Honduras understand that Americas elected officials lack the will to tax remittances or stop their citizens from coming into the country illegally. 

Why improve their countries when they can send their citizens here and reap the windfall? 

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