Jeremiah Wright is back and this time we should pay attention…

Mainstream Media Hard at Work

Mainstream Media Hard at Work (Photo credit: wstera2)

The mainstream media was killing stories on this guy back in 2008 because they knew that if Americans took a close look at Wright and his ideology, they would certainly be less than enthused with his chief protege Barack Obama.  Now, it’s election season and images of him are in the forefront again.  As well they should be, considering his absolute allegiance to Black Liberation Theology and hate of America.

Under no circumstances would any other person countenance a Pastor damning this country and using profanity from the pulpit while standing underneath a cross!  Yet that is exactly what President Obama did, seated next to Michelle, in a congregation of almost 9,000.

Via Mr. Smith Media:

As is my way, I plan to expose any and all information on him, because it reflects upon President Obama.   Keep it real, if Romney had ever sat under sermons as incendiary as Rev. Wrights, the media would never let it go.  Romney has come under fire for his Mormonism even though he doesn’t subscribe to the parts of his religion they are attacking him on.  Double standard much mainstream media?


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  1. Eyes Wide Open (@ReallyIvy) 12 September, 2012 at 23:43 Reply

    In this video, Wright refers to “rich, white people”. If Obama heard that for 20 years, isn’t this where Obama’s insistence to tax the rich comes from? His aggressive manner to divide the Nation, comes from these sermons, as well.

  2. Thedappster44 12 December, 2012 at 08:32 Reply

    Rev. Wright? Is this the tit you people are suckling from now? Rev. Wright? Give me a break. But that’s the conservative way. Scare tactics for the uninformed and racist. Tell me “Stacey on the right” who is ALWAYS wrong. If Rev. Wright is so powerful. Why aren’t there more Rev. Wright disciples in the halls of power in this country?

    • StacyOnTheRight 12 December, 2012 at 08:36 Reply

      You’re just now commenting on this post from months ago? Take your anger and hatred of Republicans over to Daily Kos where it belongs…

      Ranting at me won’t change anything. In fact, I’ll just post more, write more, do more on the right.

      And there’s nothing your ridiculous comments can do to stop that, but thanks for stopping by!

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