KSDK covered the opposing view on gun control at rally #SOTR #2A


While most news outlets are only concerned with furthering the Democratic agenda and spewing its talking points, KSDK (with whom I have had a very positive relationship in the recent past) was very willing to get my take on the Moms Demand Action anti-gun rally in St. Louis.

The rally was completely one sided and filled with the worst type of anti-gun owner propaganda, afterwards I was itching to add a bit of truth to the coverage.   Watch and let them know what you think.

via KSDK:



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    Normarama 2 April, 2013 at 18:44 Reply

    Good deal, any voice is better than none!
    The sad part is that common sense and sound logic will always be rejected by the Left, unless it directly benefits them that second.

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