Leftists continue to force immorality on children

Raunchy homosexuality has yet again made it into the mainstream consciousness via family friendly television medium. The question is, why? Why can’t we just view a parade on Thanksgiving, or send our children to school carefree in the knowledge that they won’t be assaulted by homosexual sex?

I can answer that for you. Liberals are forcing their loose sexual mores on the rest of us… And if you say boo about it, the hate will flow.

Such was the case after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade showcased the two songs from Kinky Boots the Broadway Musical. In it, women and men dressed in drag, wear thigh high red boots while extolling the virtues of tolerance and acceptance.

When parents complained, Leftists went into overdrive not tolerating any objections.

As is always the case with the left, disagreement will not be tolerated. BroadwayWorld.com was one of the first to post a blog noting the less tolerant watchers of the performance, with many other blogs following suit. Perhaps the controversy would have died down but for the cast members who felt they must bravely stand up to those not interested in seeing their work. So the next day, donning their costumes, the actors went to Macy’s for some Black Friday shopping. ”Take that bigots!”

If you hated the “kinky boots” homosexual transvestite display in the Macy’s Parade this year you’re “homophobic”. That’s utterly ridiculous. Does anyone remember when words had actual meaning?

If you oppose flaunting hyper sexual material in front of children during family programming, you’re a prude. Opposing drag queens shaking their stuff in between the cartoon animal balloons isn’t wrong, it’s common sense.

Just know this: it’s coming to a high school near you disguised as diversity training. Just like you had no choice or forewarning about the inclusion of raunchy sexual material in the “family friendly” parade, you won’t be informed of the pro homosexual agenda at your kids school either.

Conservatives never say that everyone must accept our mores. Go to hell in a hand basket! Ignore our warnings! We want to be left alone. We want our children left alone.

Leftists will NEVER permit that.

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    James Montgomery 8 December, 2013 at 02:40 Reply

    Very good article Stacy. All of my children are grown and 2 of my grandchildren are in college. One is a high school senior and one is in grade school. Not only I worry about them but all the children that are in the public school system. I have looked at the Common Core and I am not pleased about it. Just the reading list for the various grades is upsetting. And history is going to take a bad beat also. Unless there is a large uprising the liberals are going to keep winning. (which they are at the moment) One can ask a high school student historical questions and they draw a blank. You get the same response from those older than the high school students. So, it is already bad and with common core it is only going to get worse. I am against homosexuality but I am not homophobic. I have yet to meet one that I am afraid of.

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