“Make America Great Again!” Who said it first? Bill Clinton

Why is it so controversial?  Because Donald Trump said it that’s why.  But Bill Clinton said it first in his announcement for the presidency of the United States.  So… Everyone can just move on, it’s not really a big deal anymore.  We all know a thing is wrong and inexcusable unless a Clinton does it.  So there.

Also, just for giggles, I looked up the campaign slogans for the last Democratic candidates for president, and you know what?  They all promised to restore and uplift America, or something.  Check it:

Barack Obama:

  • Change We Can Believe In
  • Yes We Can
  • Hope
  • Change We Need

Bill Clinton

  • Building a Bridge to the 21st Century
  • Make America Great Again
  • For People, For a Change

John Kerry

  • A Stronger America
  • Let America Be America Again

Jimmy Carter

  • Not Just Peanuts
  • A Leader, For a Change

Do you see a trend?  So let’s get back to discussing policy, which the Democrats hate to do because theirs suck.

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