McCaskill won’t attend the DNC this year…

To be fair, records show that Claire never attends the Democratic National Convention in years that she is on the ballot. She contends that she isn’t running from the President at all. To the contrary, Claire actually seems to bemoan Obama’s lack of support for her. 

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— McCaskill, in her own words, via the National Journal: “I’m frustrated that they’re not there campaigning frankly… It’s very expensive… I mean all of my colleagues that are in the states where the president is campaigning have a huge foundation of support in terms of the get out the vote mechanism, the coordinated campaigns, all the different offices. We don’t have that in Missouri. … Our campaign is building that ourselves. We’re opening offices all over the state. We’re hiring people. Typically in a presidential year in Missouri that would be done by the presidential campaign, so it is a problem. It is a problem. It makes it harder for me, not easier for me that he is not campaigning in Missouri. … The cake is baked… I think most Missourians know that I supported President Obama. I think it’s kind of silly to think whether or not I go to the convention looks like I’m running from the president. I mean, only a bunch of political Republican operatives would get [the media] ginned up about this. Because frankly it seems dumb to me.” 

As I have noted many times before, Claire is a political operative of the highest order.  She takes extraordinary care with her messaging and narrative control. But this year she is rated most vulnerable by senate race watchdogs and is under a considerable burden to differentiate herself from the losing national campaign of Obama. 

Not attending the convention may seem a savvy move to her, but to most voters it’s another telltale sign that she sides with a party that lacks ideas. For the past three years the Democrats have rammed through hugely unpopular policies that resulted in the “Shellacking of 2010” and losses on the local level around the country.  Now in the wake of stunning victories for Governor Walker and the GOP in Wisconsin, the handwriting on the wall is clear.  


Democratic National Committee communications director Brad Woodhouse pic via

I can see November.


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