Mittens or President Downgrade? That’s not a real choice!!!

There is a dead heat in the race for the presidency.  See the chart below from Gallup Polling as of August 17-18, 2011.



Looking on the surface, it appears that the best bet for a Republican win would be Romney.  This is a boondoggle.  Let’s dig deeper folks.  Of course the favorite matchup would be two individuals between which there is very little difference!  The reason that they poll so closely is that Romney and Obama are political twins.  President Obama is a leftist progressive who campaigned as a centrist Democrat.  Mitt Romney is what true conservatives refer to as a RINO.  He created the father of Obamacare, Romneycare.  Romney is completely unsure of his stance on abortion, and same sex marriage.  He is certainly loathed by grassroots conservatives and Tea Party activists.  And no, I don’t give a whit about his current campaign literature and stump speeches.  He has refused to apologize or renounce the disasterous medical plan that he implemented in Massachusetts.  He’s proud of it for goodness sake!

So this poll means that we must nominate a true conservative that will present an actual choice for voters…  Will it be more of the same, or fresh path to the return of American prosperity?

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