Moms Demand Action at Anti 2nd Amendment rally #SOTR


This morning at 10:00 am Moms Demand Action rallied at Keiner Plaza to demand legislation to prevent more shootings and just stop people from owning so many guns…

There was a full slate of speakers, all staunch representatives of the anti gun movement on the left. Only one viewpoint was represented and at times it sounded as if the Democrats emailed over the talking points to ensure the rally was as one sided as possible.  Speakers called on Senators Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt to move the presidents gun control package through quickly to protect children from guns.

None of the solutions, and I use that term loosely was even remotely related to dealing with the weapons used in the bulk of crime associated with guns, illegally obtained weapons.

The last speaker was a bit outside of what I expected – even from a leftist rally.

Via: Gateway Pundit:

Dr. Robert Flood , director of pediatric emergency at SLU, gave the keynote speech at the end of the rally. The good doctor urged supporters to call congress and turn your rights and sovereignty over to United Nations by supporting the Child Rights Act.

Dr. Flood said the Children’s Rights Amendment would counter balance the Second and 14th Amendments used by gun rights activists.

“So if common sense legislation is not passed in the upcoming weeks and months, then please work to ratify the proposed Children’s Amendment to the US Constitution.”



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  1. Avatar
    Heath Gilbert 30 March, 2013 at 17:22 Reply

    Holy crap, THAT is scary. They want to allow an amendment to supersede all of the previous amendments? And who gets to determine what is “best” for children? I assume the UN. I noted he said “children born into this world”. Again my assumption is that a fetus has no rights and infanticide is fair game. Sick.

  2. Avatar
    George Blum 30 March, 2013 at 18:44 Reply

    I was actually kind of shocked that Planned Parenthood was endorsing “Post Birth Abortions”, which I was under the assumption was actually considered “murder” since you can’t “abort” a baby that was already born.I understand there is an ongoing debate in relation to in utero abortions, but I had no idea that any group existed that actually endorsed killing a baby that had survived an attempted abortion and was born alive.

  3. Avatar
    Nick_A 30 March, 2013 at 21:04 Reply

    Politicians are far more harmful to children than guns. When will an amendment be passed to protect children from politicians?

  4. Avatar
    javadewd 31 March, 2013 at 11:38 Reply

    How about public hangings on any crime that involves the act of murder, intended or not, with a firearm. That way we punish the CRIMINALS and not the law-abiding gun owners. Setting them on fire either before or after the hanging is made public would be totally dependent on the age of those murdered. Younger victims mean ‘before.’ Televise it, so murderers here and abroad will think twice about using ANY deadly weapon in this country for criminal acts. THAT is a solution, you crybaby liberal pukes!

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