Monday Headlines: President Pansy Pants Edition #SOTR

Headlines for Monday people!!

Everyone is up in arms about this Rodeo Clown guy at the Missouri State Fair wearing a mask of Obama. The announcer asked the crowd if the bull should chase “Obama” up into the stands…   Pure comedy, since previous clowns have worn masks of previous presidents.  But wait! Not President Precious!  He is above reproach! Don’t even think about poking fun at that guy..  Here’s the video of the “offensive” display:

In other news:

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    Normarama 26 August, 2013 at 00:44 Reply

    Many of these people who took offense to this silliness are extremely Hyper Sensitive. It is a non issue that has been made into a big deal so they can attack conservatives. It is false outrage.

    Truly pathetic.

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