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I’m on the Sam Malone Show at 9:15 am CST Monday morning, tune in! My Monday Allman in the Morning hit is now every Friday in the 7 am hour.

Here are your Headlines:

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    James Montgomery 11 November, 2013 at 18:21 Reply

    Very good news to pass on to your followers Stacy, especially the 3rd piece. And the woman being told it would take 5 days to remove her information from the web site. That in itself is a lie. It should be no harder to remove her information than for you or I to delete a file on our personal computer. Keep up the good work Stacy and keep us informed. BTW, I receive a call on my cell phone the other day claiming they were from Gallup. I agreed to do it. As they progressed into the questions, I started getting questions such as ‘do you smoke’ and ‘how would you rate your health’ and ‘so you smoke’. As those questions and the ones continuing after those, they sounding more and more like the questions that would be asked for applying for health insurance. Toward the end they also asked for my name and address and the names of everyone in my household. That is where I drew the line and told them they could not have that information. They also asked for my email address which I did not provide. Have you heard of anything like this that may be a scam or even if it is the government themselves doing this to enroll people in Obamacare without them realizing it?

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