Movie Review: Runaway Slave

Rev. C. L. Bryant

Rev. C. L. Bryant (Photo credit: Karl Heubaum)

Last Thursday evening a friend and I went to see Runaway Slave here in the suburbs of St. Louis.  We were both so excited to finally see the movie after hearing so much about it online and on conservative media outlets.

The movie was excellent.  Runaway Slave is actually a documentary chronicling the travels of Reverend C.L. Bryant’s journey from limited Liberal thought to the freedom of Conservative ideals.  He actually worked pretty high up with the Democrats and NAACP in his state before discovering that his place was to take orders, not lead.

There are moments in the movie where I was filled with a deep sense of sadness at the plight of Black America and the massive swindling that the left has and continues to perpetuate on us.  To see people that genuinely believe with their entire being that they are still chained, shackled and not free; to see people with so much anger in their hearts toward our great country that they are crippled and unable to succeed, was truly chilling.

Yet I left the movie motivated to do more, speak more, share more, and educate more, not because of my sadness, but because of the greatness on display in the minds of the conservative people that spoke during the film.  I left that theater inspired by the depth of knowledge of those black conservatives; inspired to read more and learn more myself.

I want to thank C.L. Bryant from the depths of my heart for undertaking the journey that brought us Runaway Slave.  Go see the film and take a carload of friends.  It’s imperative that we not waste this gift given to us by a man on a journey; a trip that I join him on… the path off the Liberal Plantation of group think and out into a world that rewards excellence, creativity and exceptionalism.

“If we are relying on someone else for our well being, that in itself is a form of slavery.” – Reverend C.L. Bryant

Like Runaway Slave on Facebook and watch the trailer below.  Not playing at a theater near you?  The FB page has suggestions for getting the movie to your city.

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      Greg 16 August, 2012 at 11:08 Reply

      Laura what did VP Joe Biden say to a predominately mixed mostly white audience? He didn’t say anything about putting Blacks in chains he addressed the entire audience as being put back in chains by deregulation of the banks and wall street.

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    Anngie1984 15 August, 2012 at 21:09 Reply

    After much anticipation I saw the movie with a few friends. We were very impressed. The films visual style was a bit challenging to watch with a lot of seemingly random video shots meant to create mood while music played. It was very heartening to see the people who “got it” in the movie, who understood where the black community went astray and what course correction was needed to bring the majority of them back on the road to success. The movie did no favors for the Rev. Al Sharpton. It was disappointing to see how many were still willing to listen to and cheer his pointless message of hate and jealousy. What sad wasted lives they lead if that is all they focus on.

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