Niggerhead Hunting Camp and the ambush of Herman Cain

Suddenly a perfectly timed moral and ethical revelation has come to light. Governor Perry, presidential candidate extraordinaire, is apparently a racist. According to a story by the AP, the Perry family leased a property named Niggerhead Hunting Camp from the early 1980’s to 1997 from Hendricks Home for Children. Sometime during that period, the rock was painted over by Governor Perry’s parents at his request. There are a number of issues that require addressing at this point. First off, why oh why is this story breaking now? No one noticed the painted over rock until 2011? Or could this be an attempt to goad Herman Cain into a blunder in the area of race? Why would he be the first one questioned on this issue?

Without a direct interview on this topic with Gov. Perry, who should be the first to weigh in, the media turns to the only Black Republican in the presidential race! Of course Cain could have said that: without all of the evidence before him, and without any clarification or explanation from Perry, he could not comment. But of course the chorus of “Sell out, Uncle Tom!!!” would have been deafening from the left. So he weighed in the best way that he could considering he probably wasn’t aware of the complete story until Amanpour sprung it on him.

Gov. Perry, by all accounts behaved as he should have in asking his family to cover over the offensive name on the rock. In fact, the camp was renamed North Camp Pasture by the Perry family. There is nothing wrong in Herman Cain commenting that the term on the rock is offensive – which we all should vocally agree is the truth. The danger here is in circling the wagons around the issue without addressing it properly. The Republican Party has been wrongly maligned as racist for the past 50 + years. Conservatives are tired of defending themselves against baseless attacks, but there must be agreement on justifiable instances where Conservatives should denounce an accepted racist practice, and move on. Racism is not limited to any party or race. Deal with it. There is no racism on the part of the Perry family or Governor Perry. They didn’t paint the rock. They painted over it.

The history on the name niggerhead is that it was used in many ways. It currently refers to an island in north Queensland Australia. It was also widely used as a name for geographical features such as hills and large rocks or a single isolated coral. There were over a hundred place names around the U.S. called niggerhead until 1962, when the U. S. Board on Geographic names changed them. Many localities continue to use the name. Cigarettes were once called niggerheads, as well as soaps and cannon balls. Of course any sensible person knows that this practice should never have been acceptable, and it no longer is.  This is why this ambush story on Perry has to be seen for what it is: race baiting.

Check out the interview below:  courtesy of NiceDeb

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  1. Avatar
    Van 4 October, 2011 at 00:37 Reply

    “The danger here is in circling the wagons around the issue without addressing it properly.”Yep. So far I’ve heard the Perry’s bought the land, no they leased it, the Perry’s kept the sign, no, the Perry’s painted if over, it was painted over (with white paint – love that detail) 20 something years ago, no it was painted a year or two ago… hello… facts please?Perry’s still hurting with me for his ‘heartless’ comment, but this is just pathetic. And personally Cain wasn’t helped with using the word ‘insensitive’ – I’ve come to hate that politically correct word with a passion.Crud? Asinine? Ignorant? Insulting? I could have lived with those and more just fine, but ‘insensitive’? We’re not going to make any headway against PC by using its preferred lingo on its own terms.Argh.

  2. Avatar
    MoJohnT 4 October, 2011 at 13:35 Reply

    Can someone describe what a “southern strategy” is? I guess southern implies inherent if not latent racism for the historically challenged public schoolers. Stacy this is a great article and you nailed it. It isn’t about issues but the gotchas used by the media elites to drive opinion.

  3. Avatar
    Stacy on the Right 4 October, 2011 at 14:10 Reply

    I’m so glad that we are having this discussion right now. Conservative don’t give a hoot about race. And once we make that abundantly clear, we can get back to the work of winning on the issues. Too bad they never want to talk policy, right?

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