Nine ~ Nine ~ NINE!

You know you have a winner when Paul Ryan takes the time to explain and comment on the thing.  The thing of which I speak is a bold new plan by presidential candidate Herman Cain.  Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan has been widely criticized for being regressive and having serious implications down the line on growth, should the rates ever be raised.  Ryan was asked to explain the plan and his view of it.

Thank God for Ryan. The man is a budgetary lion and truly cares for his constituents (hence the listening tour).  How awesome is it that Ryan takes the time to go out and do these tours instead of hamming it up in front of the cameras attacking his opponents? 

It’s imperative that we the people take time to understand the pros and cons of Cain’s plan, since the media is too busy reporting on unsubstantiated smear allegations. 

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