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Good Morning Blogosphere!  We have a tie!!!  The two organizations that StacyOnTheRight will trumpet today in our inaugural post of Non-Profit of the Month are… drumroll…


Right now BreakDown is vying for a win in the Monsanto Grow St. Louis  contest which is easy to win!  Just vote!  Click this link and vote as many times as you can.  The top 3 vote getters will receive $5,000, $10,000 and $15,000!!!  This will fund additional programs to support and educate teens in the metro St. Louis area.  Thanks to my faithful subscribers and twitter and facebook friends for your support on this.

Last night Thrive had their annual banquet that boasted 500+ attendees.  Sweet right? Not enough people know about this wonderful organization…  So today I’ll share just a tad of what they do and who they are.  Investigate and if so led, please give generously.  There is nothing more powerful than the action of the few on behalf of the many…  Thrive provides support to women and handles all female reproductive needs, all of them, period.  God has uniquely gifted this organization with a mission, the staff and volunteers to complete it and the vision to see it through.  Please consider partnering with them, through gifts of your time, prayer and of course money

Thanks for checking these folks out!!

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Booyah and great day to ya!!




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