Now we know who he is… #VIRALvideo dude reveal

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    Margaret 15 January, 2013 at 11:43 Reply

    Billy is exactly correct. Debate is suppressed. Both sides of the stories have not been presented by the media. It has become the job of people like Billy to do the job the media once did, that of telling the truth of both sides of an issue — and correcting false information, which has become a very subjective rather than objective practice. The lack of debate, the vacuum of one-sided news have led to two serious social and cultural problems: an uninformed populace that ironically considers themselves ‘informed’ because they watch the news. This encourages polarization, hypersensitivity and parochialism on issues that are not about you and the guy next door, you alone, or your group, be it religious, social, economic, ethnic or racial — but its really about men and women of our government taking for themselves our God-given freedoms right in front of us. And when I say, ‘taking for themselves,’ I mean, they are creating new regulations without the consent of the governed that are giving the government the power to make the ordinary decisions of our lives.

    What is happening is the media is shouting, “Look at this shiny object (news stories that are irrelevant because they don’t tell the whole story, but every network reporter has been handed the same catchy message to repeat over and over again), don’t notice that our executive branch is stealing your wallet, your car keys, your house keys, your paycheck, your bank account, your kids, your religious freedom, your relationship with your doctor, and your abiity to defend yourself.”

    And it isn’t happening in public, in televised debate in Congress, it’s happening inside the grey, faceless government offices by people who aren’t going to get a letter from their constituents, or be confronted by the media on the Capitol steps, or hold a press conference, or have to answer to The People. And it’s happening with the support of the government we, as a nation, elected.

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