Obama hits hard, and this is just the first jab

There is no question that the media and Obama supporters are itching for Romney to be the nominee.  The GOP is fooling itself into accepting the fallacy that Many Sided Mitt will be able to coax more independent voters than the number of conservatives that will stay home if he is the candidate.  This is simply untrue.  Of utmost concern is the number of flip flops, policy changes and horrific statements that Romney has made out of his very own mouth.  This video created by the Obama SuperPAC uses his statements masterfully to filet him, roast him and serve him up done. 

Via The Washington Post

Never mind that this video blames Romney for all of the problems created by Obama.  This is a classic move from the dirty politics playbook. Conservative voters have viable choices for the presidency.  Listen up townspeople!  Carefully consider, and then choose the very best conservative candidate.  Anything less will yield defeat.


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    JoeDanMedia 7 November, 2011 at 03:23 Reply

    A Global Warming sympathizer that has implemented tougher environmental standards for business …who has his own government healthcare….and refuses to reach out to the Tea Party.Now tell me again… how is this not a description of Obama?If Cain is nominated, I will be VERY enthusiastic about our future… Romney—not at allBUT .. but whoever the GOP nominee— they’ll get my vote

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