Obama suggests more social engineering in education

President Obama is at it again.  And this time he is targeting education by attempting to end what he terms “racial isolation” in schools.  He would have admissions directors completely disregard the brightest students in order to achieve “diversity outcomes”.  This is another case of ridiculous meddling in education that will in no way impact student achievement which is what everyone should be focused on.  

via Conservative News Service 

The guidelines, which are said to be consistent with Supreme Court rulings, explain that it’s okay for educators to consider the race of students in “carefully constructed” diversity plans.

Some of the examples included in the document make it clear that the goal of achieving diversity is more important than allowing schools to select the brightest students.

Under the guidelines on admitting students to competitive schools or programs, the administration offers the following example: “A school district could identify race-neutral criteria for admission to a school (e.g., minimum academic qualifications and talent in art) and then conduct a lottery for all qualified applicants rather than selecting only those students with the highest scores under the admission criteria, if doing so would help to achieve racial diversity or avoid racial isolation.”

The pernicious nature of this policy is it’s socialist overtones.  You punish the academically bright students for the cause of diversity.  And if anyone complains you have the race card option built right in, ready for immediate and repeated use on any dissenters!  



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  1. Terry 7 December, 2011 at 15:39 Reply

    I saw your video on Media Research Center and it’s excellent. The caller who questioned why you are a conservative because you’re black, I believe is racist. Oddly enough the liberal party-the democrats – are the party of segregation, Jim Crow laws, George Wallace, Bull Conner, Robert Bird and the KKK. All democrats to name a few. Rosa Parks violated a local law passed by demorats. How does he explain MLK Jr. being a life long registered Republican? Why does he support this racist legacy? That’s the real question.

  2. Van 8 December, 2011 at 02:35 Reply

    “… rather than selecting only those students with the highest scores under the admission criteria, if doing so would help to achieve…”It can really be left right there, because what it helps to achieve is a ‘fill in the blank feature’ which has been filled in by whatever politically popular issue of the day fit in best. It’s about promoting unstated agendas, pursuing power, control and many other things… what it’s not about, is the students education – and that is a crime which the entire nation has been victimized by.

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