OWS has money. Now they should shower and leave.

Mission accomplished. Wealth redistribution has occurred. People are so tired of smelling the OWS protesters and watching them turn police cars into toilets, they are sending supplies, blankets and wait for it… Money!!! And lots of it apparently. As of right now they protesters have $500,000 in a Union owned credit union. See the story below for the comical details on how they are disbursing the funds.

hat tip Jodi, via The Blaze:

Close to $300,000 in cash also has been donated, through the movement’s website and by people who give money in person at the park, said Bill Dobbs, a press liaison for the movement. The movement has an account at Amalgamated Bank, which bills itself as ‘the only 100 percent union-owned bank in the United States.’”

Less than a week after that news broke, the total amount in the OWS bank account has reportedly swollen to $500,000 and according to the New York Post, the money, and how it is or isn’t being spent has started causing problems inside Zuccotti Park.

For example- the Comfort Working Group (one of several small sub groups that have sprouted up inside OWS) thinks its daily $150 allocation to purchase shoes, socks and cold weather gear is too little, especially compared to the $2000 a day afforded the Kitchen Group.

A drummer representing the “Pulse Working Group” (they support the seemingly non-stop Drum Circles) is not happy after his request for $8000 to cover drums damaged by vandals and weather, was rejected by the General Assembly.

Now THAT is funny!





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    Stacy on the Right 24 October, 2011 at 19:26 Reply

    I know! Where is my check? If they are into wealth redistribution, they should be sending me my cut straight away. I’m waiting…

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