Palin turns a Lemon into sweet lemonade…

As hesitant as I am to quote Don Lemon of CNN, it just gives me the glees to read his piece today on CNN Living about the reigning queen of conservatism Sarah Palin.  I mean he actually compliments her in a very well thought out sincere way absent snark of any kind.  He notes the very complimentary tones of the top Republican contenders for the nomination and even marvels at her ability to embrace perceived negatives and turn them in to weapons in her considerable arsenal of media tools.  Read on as Lemon makes the case for Sarah:

That same year, in a stunning display of role reversal, when her former presidential running mate, John McCain, faced an unexpectedly tough senatorial re-election bid, Palin once again became his leading lady. After Palin accepted McCain’s invitation, he wrote, “I’m looking forward to getting back on the campaign trail with my former running mate.” He went on to say Palin “energized our nation and remains a leading voice in the Republican Party.”

Bachmann, Perry and McCain aren’t the only current or former presidential hopefuls to lavish praise on the former Alaska governor. In what some call a cringe-worthy moment, in 2008 at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, Jon Huntsman nominated Palin as his party’s vice-presidential nominee.

On the verge of losing his voice from speaking over a crowd yelling, ‘Sarah, Sarah, Sarah,’ Huntsman said, “Hockey moms of the world unite. History will be made tonight and her name is Sarah Palin.” (Applause) “We are looking for a beacon of light to show us the way. We are looking for an American who represents every one of us, who can relate to the needs of our families and the struggles of our country. We are looking for Sarah.”

Now I’m just as confused as the next conservative as to why Palin would share a stage with the likes of Hunstman.  He isn’t even worthy of the title of RINO.  His stance on the issues that form the Republican Party platform are so oppositional, I have questioned why he wouldn’t have primaried Obama instead of running on the Republican ticket.  But I digress.  This praise from an openly liberal news anchor is at once refreshing and unsettling.  Let’s see just where it leads, shall we?

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