President Thin Skin requires your assistance!

Attack Watch!!!!  Because if anybody doesn’t like me or says anything bad about me, I’m going to get them!   


“Now give me some of your money!”

Apparently, instead of arguing ideas, the best thing to do is to get your supporters to report their fellow Americans to a website and then give a donation of course.  Never mind that this reeks of the gestapo.  This is what you do when you are rock bottom in the polls and your ideas stink.  So I hereby call on all of you to report any instance of liberal impropriety that you see in the media or in print news…  to attack watch!  Conservatives have already commandeered the hashtag on twitter.  Thanks so much for helping out with this!  Go here to see the madness for yourself, and begin your reporting.  

Only watch the video below if you want to laugh until you cry!

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