Priests call for Pelosi to renounce Catholicism

A commenter on the Black Conservative Political Action FB page foretold of this. I called for the Catholic Church to publicly admonish pro abortion politicians like Nancy Pelosi. Well Priests for Life has done so.

In response, Pelosi is mocking the Priests calling for her to leave the Catholic Church over her support of abortion.

Via LifeNews:

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is lauging off a letter from a top pro-life priest who is asking her to revise her pro-abortion position to make it conform to the pro-life teachings of the Catholic Church or to leave the Church.

LifeNews reported on Father Frank Pavone’s letter to House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Pavone made an appearance on Fox News this weekend to underscore his point.

In an interview with the liberal web site Think Progress, Pelosi attacked Pavone, calling him hysterical:

My faith is very deep and has been my whole life. I love my faith and my faith has nothing to do with whoever he is. The arrogance of it all! It’s like something ancient, medieval…The Church taught me as I was growing up that every person has a free will and has the responsibility to live up to a moral standard. And I respect women’s judgment and values to do that.

The letter would have had more power coming from a higher up not associated with the pro life movement, but its still good in its form. It’s past time to call these politicians out, and all faiths should speak up.

It’s important that the weak minded not be lead astray by the “leaders” of our day.

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    B. Alexander 26 June, 2013 at 06:42 Reply

    Wow. Really? Pelosi’s response to the Catholic church is to attack them for calling her on the carpet for being wrong? I am a Christian and grew up Catholic, and what she is doing is simply twisting words to justify her position.Yes, God gave man a free will, but man has been misusing it since Adam and Eve.

    She’s calling the church arrogant because they support the Bible’s view of murdering of children, rather than her own self-serving view? I could write pages on this alone, but I will say that what she is embracing is the same pagan morales as the countries surrounding Israel in the old testament, who performed ritual child sacrifice to idols. Abortion is the same thing, only the idol is convenience. And then she gets mad when the Catholic church refuses to let her wrap their vestments around her perverted views. Ridiculous.

  2. Avatar
    Dave 26 June, 2013 at 09:31 Reply

    Nancy says “My faith is very deep and has been my whole life. I love my faith and my faith has nothing to do with whoever he is.” Well Nancy, that just might be your problem dear. It is not OUR Faith. We are to be followers of Christ and change OUR thinking to that which is taught in the Word of God and through the Holy Spirit.

    Rom 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good , and acceptable , and perfect, will of God.

    If we simply pick and choose what ‘works for us’, there is no transformation to be more like Christ. Or very little if any. Then you end up with people in great conflict with the tenants of faith they claim to hold dear and believing that it is ‘ok’. Following Christ is not alacarte Nance…. But man made religion is. Where we justify what we want to dismiss since it is not fitting OUR agenda. God have mercy.

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