Progressives claim a new victim in their War on Truth


The progressive War on Truth claims another victim.  Sean Bergin is the latest casualty in the progressive War on Truth. Bergin, a reporter for News 12 New Jersey, interviewed the widow of a man shot by police. Lawrence Campbell, who was black, stole a gun from a Walgreens security guard and shot two people in the store, and then shot a rookie police officer, seated in a police cruiser responding to the incident. The shooters widow, Angelique Campbell was unrepentant for the lives her husband took; instead wishing on camera that “he had taken more cops with him.” She later apologized.

After Bergin reported that the station was “besieged” with complaints from angry police officers for airing the interview footage, Bergin made this statement:  “’It’s important to shine a light on this anti-cop mentality that has so contaminated America’s inner cities, the underlying cause of all of this, of course, young black men growing up without fathers.”

News 12 promptly suspended him, and then cut his reporting frequency to once per week, causing Bergin not to return. The veracity of his statement is not in question. News 12 declined to comment on a “personnel issue”, leaving the public to wonder why he was suspended. Is it the fact that a white broadcaster said it that’s the problem?

Perhaps the action was taken because Bergin’s statement is true; that black boys are born to single parent homes at an alarming rate, 80% by latest data available, and that is a key factor in later criminality. Silencing anyone that dares to speak openly and honestly about it doesn’t help the pervasiveness of wrong thinking in inner cities. In fact it helps keep inner city blacks down and the purveyors of said failed policies, the Democrats, firmly ensconced in office.

Perhaps News 12 has a genuine aversion to commentary mixed in with the news.  A more likely reason is that they don’t want to offend sensibilities of black viewers, who know the truth, but just don’t want it stated openly in public on television by a white man. This aversion to hearing the truth based on who is stating it is immature and detrimental to solving very real societal ills, ills that plague the black community in inner cities across America at an ever increasing and alarming rate.

Once we get past the political correctness that’s killing open and free dialogue in this country, we can state the facts openly and reattach the stigma that used to deter women from having babies out of wedlock, and men from participating.  If every man knew he would be on the hook for caring for every single child he fathered, men would be much more careful about fathering babies. As it is, the out of wedlock birthrate in the black community is already more than double that of whites. It wasn’t always this way, but the advent of Great Society welfare programs and the proliferation of abortion propelled us to this place. Ending the lives of the unborn is not the answer; as the abortion rate for black women is triple that of whites. Why not talk about that openly and admit that governmentally directed solutions are not only not working but also destroying the very community they purport to want to help.

Addressing welfare reform is another taboo that cannot be openly broached without becoming a casualty of the War on Truth. The federal government actually pays women to keep the fathers of their children out of the home, destabilizing entire neighborhoods and removing the incentive for single men to actively seek employment and strive to get ahead.

Why was simply stating the fact that impact of the epidemic of black fatherlessness is a rise in criminality on the news broadcast be enough to get Bergin suspended? With News 12’s refusal to respond to requests for comment, viewers will never know. Perhaps if Bergin had placed the blame for the criminality on whites or so called one-percenters, his views would’ve been more readily accepted.  Kudos to him for telling the truth, but why should Bergin stand-alone? Why don’t more local broadcasters return to their first love; true journalism and the pursuit of the truth?   Viewers are hungry for it, the ratings would benefit from it and it would remove the shield of lies that currently protects people making horrible choices for themselves and their children.

The truth doesn’t suit the narrative of ever-bigger government, ever growing programs, more deficits and more failed government intrusion. Providing a shield to individuals that make horrible life choices that end in tragedy is an insult to those that dedicate their lives to the service and defense of others, namely the officer that lost his life that day, 23 year old rookie Melvin Santiago. What message does it send that there is a memorial to the drugged out felon that took Santiago’s life? Worse still, what does it say to his family that Bergin was suspended for calling out the truth about his killer and the environment that produced him? As a nation we must commit ourselves to rewarding the truth tellers among us. If we don’t, our need for them will increase as we find them less and less.

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