Rasmussen has Cain leading Romney by 7 pts.

Rasmussen Reports :

Reflecting national trends, businessman Herman Cain has now jumped to the front of the Republican pack in Iowa.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Iowa caucus-goers shows that Cain is in front with 28% followed by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney at 21%. Congressman Ron Paul is a distant third at 10% followed by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich at 9%, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann at 8%, and Texas Governor Rick Perry at 7%. The sixth place finish for Perry is a sharp decline from early September when Perry was the frontrunner both nationally and in Iowa.

At this point, Herman Cain has the wind at his back. It is of utmost importance that he spend time fleshing out his foreign policy and war on terror platform positions. The idea that he can wait until he is privy to Top Secret security briefings is ludicrous and will cost him big as expectations are extraordinarily high for frontrunners this election season.

Of course now that Cain is in the lead, the media is finally paying attention to him. Here is a piece by Bloomberg on Cain buying his own book with campaign funds.


And Politico is actually planning the demise of his campaign here:

“Anything that can help make the case that he can’t win is where you have to go — because when you have an Obama kind of threat looming over the party, it doesn’t matter how good your ideas are,” said Joe Trippi, who noted that the organization and fundraising he helped the Dean campaign build in 2004 was crucial to keeping their fire for months. “You’ve got to make the case to Republican primary voters about why you don’t want to take a chance on Cain.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1011/66411_Page3.html#ixzz1bL5fqotf

Speechless. Politico basically says: “Any candidate but Cain.”

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  1. Avatar
    Margaret 20 October, 2011 at 17:04 Reply

    Stacey,They’re pulling out the stops because he is such a powerful candidate. But out here in the trenches (the soccer field, the grocery store, and the school parking lot) Cain is getting a lot of attention. This candidate has what it takes, and they’re scared to death of him!I think he could even take California.

  2. Avatar
    Stacy on the Right 20 October, 2011 at 17:20 Reply

    You know what? If he gets the foreign policy together and works the kinks out of 9 9 9 he could be a winner. Americans are tired of career politicians saying no to us and refusing to consider the real world. This is our opportunity to elect one of us, meaning someone that knows the value of a dollar and wants to decrease government. I believe the harder they hit him, the better he will get. Let them come.

  3. Avatar
    muellermargaret2 20 October, 2011 at 20:41 Reply

    Stacey, He's a smart, smart man with GREAT analytical skills and the ability to communicate.  i fully expect him to continue to respond with authenticity, and the full force of the English language.  I'm continuing to get emails from people who are ordering bumperstickers and talking him up to their friends.  This is exciting.  The people I have contacd with are largely undecided but more impressed with him than with any of the other candidates.  I think the momentum will continue to build.  I've been praying that the Lord would send us a leader, a righteous man, and a man who could heal this country in all the ways it needs healing.  … and along come Herman Cain.  There must be a lot of us praying. People need to start putting their money out there though, the greatest candidate will not succeed without financial support.  It can come in pennies, but everyone who wants to see Cain in DC are going to have to have some investment in his success.  The time to open up the wallets is now, and to keep opening them, even if it's small amounts. Love your work.  Margaret

  4. Avatar
    Stacy on the Right 20 October, 2011 at 23:33 Reply

    Thank you Margaret, I’m enjoying having a platform to use for spreading the conservative message. We will have to put our money where our mouth is in order for Cain to raise the funds that he will need to win… I’m excited as well…

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