Reagan Rex – You must. Check. It. Out.

Seriously, I’m ordering you to avail yourself of the total awesomness of this young woman’s website.  Her name is Michelle Box, and her blog is Reagan Rex.  In this article, she totally nails what all of us have been thinking.  We really have no choice in our nominee.  Only time will tell if this analysis will prove true.

    Michelle Box of Reagan Rex

In my many campaign internships, I caught on quickly that there was certain protocol that had to be followed if you wanted to be the next councilman, representative, congressperson, or especially president. That protocol didn’t just begin at the start of a campaign. The candidate’s “dues” have to be paid months, more often years, in advance. It’s butt-kissing, deal-making, using GOP initiated talking points, and never ever going rogue against the mainstream GOP. It’s molding yourself into a person of “electability”. Who determines the electability of a candidate? What is most commonly referred to as the GOP Establishment: A group of high-ranking, often-moderate Republicans who typically care more about winning an election than values or who’s best for the job.

Head on over here and read the rest of the piece, because after you have, you will want to do something.  I know I do.


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