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911 issues usa military officers challenge…  


It was a wonderful fall day, warm and bright.  My husband had the day off so that we could view a rental property with an investor.  We were driving to a friend’s house to drop off our children, a baby and toddler at the time.  The talk radio show that we were listening to was interrupted to announce that a plane had crashed into one of the twin towers in New York City. 

I said to the Hubbster “This is a prank!  Of course a plane hasn’t crashed into a skyscraper!”  By the time we arrived at our friend’s house and unloaded the kiddos, she had the TV tuned to live shots of Tower One on fire.  We sit on her couch and frantically try to reach my father in Virginia.  He is a police chief for the Army National Guard Bureau and works with FBI agents.  All lines are busy and we can’t get through.  We watch as Tower Two is hit and explodes.  The announcers aren’t sure if another plane has hit, or if Tower One is exploding.  

From there things are a blur.  I spend the next hour crying and trying to reach my parents.  During that time an explosion at the Pentagon is reported.  My mom has an office there.  Over 5000 people work in that structure, so the possibility of her being injured seemed very slim.   Yet, it wasn’t as slim as we thought.

Early in the afternoon, we finally reached my father, who told us that my mom changed her mind on the way in to work at the Pentagon that morning and decided to go retrieve some files from the Crystal City on the way in.  And she narrowly missed dying with 26 of her coworkers as her office was destroyed by the plane that crashed into the Pentagon.

I am so very grateful for her life.  But so many others did not receive good news.  And that is where the true tragedy lies.  We are being encouraged to make 911 a day of service.  Why? 

We don’t volunteer to celebrate an act of war on our soil.  Nine-Eleven victims were murdered – they didn’t perish in some accident. We don’t volunteer or perform community service on Sunday, we mourn the dead. We commemorate the valor of the heroes and our military. We seek fresh support for those that have cancer and other illnesses form their service on that day. We educate ourselves on the truth about the Koran and radical jihad. We steel ourselves for the continuation of a fight with an enemy that will never stop seeking our doom. And lastly we pray to the God of Heaven for his mercy on our land and people.

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