Remy: Missing you – The Incandescent Light Bulb…

via Reason TV:

Unbelievable that we are actually ending the use of arguably one of the most important inventions in history.  We aren’t losing our innovation; we are shipping it overseas.  While we are forced to use the curly cue bulbs, folks in foreign countries will be using our beloved incandescents.  It truly is a bizarro world, ya know?

Hat tip to my girl Kim, less than four weeks to finish hoarding those pretty round bulbs!!!


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    lighthouse10 10 December, 2011 at 19:32 Reply

    Agreed :-)and Light bulbs don’t burn coal or release CO2.Power plants might.If there’s a problem – deal with the problem,rather than a token ban on simple safe light bulbs,light bulbs that people obviously like to use(or there would not be a “need” to ban them !)The supposed savings are doubtful too,as institutionally referenced on the below website…RE ode to light bulbAnd so it came to pass, in the autumn of 1879, after tireless effortworking with different materials, Thomas Edison finally arrived at theingenious invention we still see today, the Edison light bulb, in itsbasic form, without any energy efficiency constraints, the world’ssingle most popular electrical appliance and the oldest electricalinvention in widespread common use:A beautifully simple, safe, cheap, bright light delivering construction.Maybe the time will come when, like its cousin the gleaming radiotube, it gradually fades away, the passing of old technology.But let it be a democratic passing by the will of the people,not a passing by committee dictats and decrees.How many politicians should it take to change a light bulb?None.How many citizens should be allowed to choose?Everyone.(ending of, covering why the ban on simple incandescents is wrong…)

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