Republican made WhipCast fulfills a campaign promise made by Obama

We want the truth about bills that are working their way through Congress.  The Obama Administration promised transparency and a new open process that would usher in a new citizens government.  Of course those are just two of many promises that were never even attempted by The Won. 

To that end GOP Whip Rep. Kevin McCarthy & Rep McMorris Rodgers launched an app that will keep Americans up to date on bills from start to finish.  Check out this bidness:

via Truth About Bills

Now for the App. “WhipCast” is unlike any App before. It provides up to date information on Pending Legislation, Press Releases, and Background Information all in one spot. There is also the ability to view the full text of legislation without needing to leave the app.

Rep. McCarthy says that the App is still being worked on and they hope to gain feedback from users. He said anyone wishing to give feedback on WhipCast should send an email to,

Go experience the coolness, ’cause it’s free.

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