Rick Perry presidential campaign ads

Here is a showcase of Perry campaign ads to update and bring us up to speed for the debate coming up December 15th, 2011.

via YouTube

This first ad is one of the very best campaign ads ever.

He is a doer:

This week:

Apparenty the gays are all up in arms over his basically stating a fact:  there is an attack on Christianity going on right now.  Comparing the new freedoms forced on our armed forces with the numerous restrictions curtailing religious freedom is not bigotry.  He’s advocating a return to sanity.  It isn’t a crime to be a Christian.  

He is a longshot to win right now, unless Gingrich and Romney both experience major downward shifts.  Just a little bit to look at while you anxiously anticipate yet another night of GOP awesomeness….


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    Diana Huster 8 December, 2011 at 23:00 Reply

    You know Stacy, I am growing weary of all the campaigning . It has never stopped since Obama started his ” reign” I have never decidided on who gets my vote till at least a month before the election. I have a feeling I am not alone. I am very pro-life so my vote always goes for the pro-life nominee. I was one of the first members of the Missouri Citizens for Life,that was started in 1973. I was just a housewife that could not believe my country would kill the unborn. Matter of fact Ann Wagner was also very involved in the pro-life movement. I was an Indian and she was one of the Cheifs. I admire her very much. I personally think when the court OKed that the nation went into a downward spiral. Ok I am done ranting love your blog,I am thrilled to be a new fan.

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