Russian Sub in U.S. Waters for weeks, undetected

Akula class submarine

Russian Sub Goes Undetected in U.S. Waters for Weeks | News | The Moscow Times.

More signals from the Russians that they are weighing our military might, and find us lacking. To have a Russian submarine go undetected for weeks on end in our waters is a red flag for our national security.  Was the ship detected and simply allowed to roam our waters, in a signal to the Russians that we will no longer protect our strategic areas?  Is this more “flexibility” on the President’s part?

This is happening now under current military funding levels.  What in Sam Hill should we expect if the Democrats continue to refuse to pass a budget the Budgetary Control Act kicks in?  Well lets take a look at that:

Broadly speaking, for 2013 the across-the-board cuts will mean about an 8.4 percent cut in most affected non-defense discretionary programs, a 7.5 percent cut in affected defense programs, an 8.0 percent cut in affected mandatory programs other than Medicare, and a 2.0 percent cut in Medicare provider payments.  For 2014 through 2021, the Medicare cut will remain at 2 percent while the percentage cuts in other programs will gradually shrink.

But wait!  There’s more!  Have you been wondering why the President has food stamp parties going on across the country?  It’s simple really – the SNAP program is exempt from sequestration:

About $5.2 billion in cuts in the other mandatory programs that are subject to sequestration, the biggest of which supports farm prices; other affected programs include student loans, vocational rehabilitation, mineral leasing payments, the Social Services Block Grant, and dozens of smaller programs.  A number of key mandatory programs are exempt from sequestration, including Social Security, Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), SNAP (formerly known as the Food Stamp Program), child nutrition, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), refundable tax credits such as the Child Tax Credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit, veterans’ compensation and other benefits, and federal retirement.

The citizens of the United States require a decisive leader that will lead with strength from a position of power. not some one that would gut defense in favor getting more Americans on food stamps and placate our enemies.

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  1. Avatar
    steveeggegg 15 August, 2012 at 11:31 Reply

    A couple quick thoughts:

    – This is what happens when one ignores anti-submarine warfare (ASW) for 2 decades. Did I mention Obama wants to cut that ability even further?

    – I guess there is no SOSUS net in the Gulf now. I seem to recall German U-boats having a field day there in World War II.

    – The, Russians took the Obama/Clinton “reset” to mean they should go back to the days of the Cold War.

  2. Avatar
    richtoo 19 August, 2012 at 01:33 Reply

    Based on personal knowledge albeit a bit dated, I just do not believe they slipped into the gulf undetected for weeks. If what I know to be true still is, that sub was identified, tracked and its whereabouts known from the moment it left its home port. But I do believe that the Navy is not talking about it because of what Obama is doing to silence them…..

    • Avatar
      conservativebabe 21 August, 2012 at 15:36 Reply

      You could be right. I’m a veteran and my first thought was the same thing. Makes no sense that we would know nothing. But that is what the military put out there. Not sure what to make of it except that Obama must go. But we knew that already.

  3. Avatar
    Ricky Kirk 3 September, 2012 at 03:36 Reply

    With President Obama’s communist leanings nothing surprises me. He kowtow’s to and seems, by his actions, to favor almost any country over the U.S. He and Putin probably had a good laugh.

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