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    Clifford Brown 13 January, 2018 at 05:09 Reply
    I’m sorry that Jon Gabriel spun you hard on the Arizona race for Senate. The fact is that Jeff Flake threw in the towel when polls showed former State Senator Dr. (as in osteopathic physician, practiced in emergency medicine) Kelli Ward crushing Flake in the primary. []
    She is not a “gadfly” and not a creature of Steve Bannon.

    I recommend Chris Buskirk or Seth Leibsohn (Phoenix local afternoon drive plus to give you the pro-Trump, as opposed to McCain, perspective. They have spoken about how Ward has put in the work to build state-wide support. Seth Liebsohn is now running to fill the seat the Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is vacating to run for Senate.

    Arizona Republican base voters are sick of McCain and Flake and Martha McSally may not successfully threaten enough of us as McCain did with “you have to vote for me or the Democrat will win.” Nor does Rep. McSally have the deep support of the Vietnamese community and other constituencies McCain has cultivated over the years. Meanwhile, McSally is hurting the President and the party by putting a swing congressional district at risk.

    I think Congresswoman McSally would be a much better supporter of the party and the President if she stayed in the House for now while being ready to accept appointment to fill the seat held by Senator McCain when needed.

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