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Pentagon has a “Everything Must Go Sale” #ViralVideo


Reason TV mocks the Federal 1033 Program, with ample justification.  What good can possibly come out of tiny towns in America having their own mine resistant armor protected vehicles?  So what if it’s free from the Feds?  Even in California,…
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The death penalty: should it remain or should it be done away with?


By Melissa Skinner One debate that has recently gained national attention is whether or not those who commit murder should be sentenced to death or be sentenced to life in prison. There are many individuals in the US who consider…
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#WV Senate Candidate Tennant is running from her support of Obama..


Natalie Tennant, West Virginia’s Secretary of State, is making the rounds touting her opposition to the Obama administrations EPA and their war on coal.  As well she should be, running in a state, that is reeling from the job losses…
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The perfect policy based defense of marriage #ViralVideo


I was up early again this morning and stumbled across this amazing person making a civic policy defense of marriage.  I usually defend marriage through the lens of its foundations in Judeo Christian values and Biblical precepts.  This method is…
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