Take that Weiner! (updated)

In a stunning rebuke of the Democratic Machine in New York (NY 9) the voters turned out to elect Bob Turner.  Turner, a conservative Republican, takes a seat held by the the Democrats for the past 80 years.  This is an upset of epic proportions, where the Republicans spent just $53,000 to the Democrats nearly $700,000 dollars.  The joy doesn’t end there.  This is a political slap delivered directly to President Obama.  

With polls closing at 53% to Turner, this defeat continues the “shellacking” that began in November 2010.  Of course – the most interesting part of this is who Turner will  replace in the House.  The illustrious “Beltway Tweeter”  the much ballyhooed “Denizen of all things below the belt”… Ba Dum Dum!  Anthony Weiner.  Nuff said baby!

 Image: Bob Turner

Of course the White House says this has nothing to do with President Obama.  Yeah right!!!

Update:  Here is the district map showing the vote breakout in in District 9.  Fascinating…

courtesy of nytimes.com

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