THANK GOD: There’s Finally A Translation App That Works Beautifully – Business Insider


Say Hi is the Apple Store top rated new translation App that allows you to speak into your phone and it translates what you are saying into another language.

So far we tried it with German, Russian, Spanish and French, and it works with all of them (relatively well).

It has just as many problems as Siri, though: it’s often pretty slow and doesn’t always correct when guessing what you are saying.

But other than some slight translation errors, the app is great, and it only costs $1.

Check out SayHi, the most useful app we’ve seen in a while >

That’s cool!


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    Margaret 12 May, 2012 at 01:24 Reply

    Star Trek’s Universal Translator in a bulky-hand-held device! I’m looking forward to the one you pin on your suit! ha ha

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