That Pig @BillMaher is at it again. ShePAC strikes back.

Bill Maher, has a show on HBO and tours the country performing “comedy”.  Let’s give him a lolly!!!  Instead of doing the tough work of coming up with material that engages, instructs and entertains, Maher uses his considerable audience as a sounding board for his darkest innermost yearnings.

If he feels it, he says it.  If he thinks it, he utters it; no filter, no decency standards allowed.  It’s no wonder that he’s an Obama supporter.  Of course he is!  Because new tone y’all.

I actually only refer to him as Pig Maher, because he thinks that attacking any woman holding a political ideology opposed to his own with vile misogyny is comedy.  That makes him a pig.  A misogynist pig.  Today’s culture regularly attacks Rush Limbaugh for stating obvious truths about people like Sandra Fluke while laughing at the low brow puerile garbage that flows from Pig Maher’s orifice like sewage.  Aren’t double standards sweet?

Most instances of Maher’s piggishness are simply guffawed at and then ignored.  Although Limbaugh apologized for the name calling, Pig Maher doesn’t feel the need to do so.  Such a glaring double standard begs the question: “Where is the tolerance?”

When will leftists employ the same broad equanimity that they so rigidly expect of Republicans?  The answer is that they will not ever accept any criticism of their failed policies or their ridiculous social experiments.  And the same incessant whining vis a vie “Don’t say gay slurs!” “War on Women!” “War on the Black Man!” and the like will continue unabated.  In fact, when the Pig’s nasty rants are brought up as evidence of the left’s actual hatred of women on the right, equivocators will defend him!

ShePAC is taking a stand against the Pig’s ludicrous attacks on Sarah Palin.  Watch the video and take action.

Now that was a War on Women.

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