The Martin Baker Challenge

He’s real, he’s conservative and he’s running in Missouri’s 1st District!

First let me begin by saying that I know Martin Baker personally and I greatly respect him.  He is a wonderful patriotic American with a heart for the people of Missouri’s first district.  In light of the verbal attacks against tea party folk in the media of late, Martin has issued this challenge:


Over the past few days and weeks, America has seen and heard speeches made by members of the Congressional Black Caucus containing statements accusing the Tea Party Movement of “holding Congress hostage” and, even worse, telling Tea Party Americans that they could go “straight to Hell”. Statements such as those are hardly a sign of bipartisanship or even civil discourse in the “new tone” that President Obama has encouraged. As a member of the Tea Party Movement and as a Black American, I am personally insulted by the comments made by Congresswomen Wilson and Waters. Comments such as those cause unnecessary hostility between two groups of great Americans. Instead of following the admonition of former President Reagan to find what we can agree on, these two distinguished Representatives of the People have chosen to use acidic vitriol to attack citizens who are politically different from them.

Today, I am inviting both of these distinguished ladies to St Louis, Missouri to tell me and my Tea Party compatriots in person why we should go straight to Hell. Congresswoman Waters should know the way here, having been born and raised in our esteemed area and a graduate of Vashon High School, which is in the St Louis Public School District. Unfortunately now, that area and district has changed remarkably since her departure. If she comes, she will come home to a nearly 17% unemployment in the African-American Community, high crime rates, and diminished hope. I would like to ask her what her comments do to address the needs for real education and healthcare reform, what they do to reduce unemployment, and finally, what they do to stop the out-of-control government spending of our taxpayer dollars both here in St Louis and nationwide.

I know that it is not Congresswoman Waters’ responsibility to answer the questions of the residents of St Louis, Missouri, yet I still warmly invite her here to reconnect with her roots. While I await her response, her colleague in the CBC who does represent St Louis, the Honorable Congressmen Clay, should take the opportunity to formally address her comments on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, either to stand by them or more properly denounce them as mean-spirited remarks unbecoming of a U.S. Representative. Americans understand that the use of hateful language does not advance dialogue amongst divergent groups, so I further invite CBC Chairman Cleaver and the whole CBC to show respectful leadership by demonstrating that they are ready to listen to the views of all Americans and work together to move our country forward.
Respectfully Submitted

Martin D Baker
(R) Candidate United States Congress Missouri First District

So I am anxiously awaiting a response from Waters and the CBC…  Don’t keep me waiting!!!  I will update as appropriate.

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