The perfect policy based defense of marriage #ViralVideo

I was up early again this morning and stumbled across this amazing person making a civic policy defense of marriage.  I usually defend marriage through the lens of its foundations in Judeo Christian values and Biblical precepts.  This method is patently ineffective on atheists and those that are ignorant of how intertwined Christianity is with our form of government.

It was a great pleasure to watch a video of Ryan T. Anderson on the Daily Signal wherein he completely dismantled the idea of any other form of marriage eviscerating feelings based redefinition of the same with clarity and gentility.  I’m posting all of the relevant videos below, because I sincerely believe that if you watch these, and truly absorb the information, you can be an excellent foil to your friends and neighbors that have bought into the false rhetoric constantly proffered by the homosexual lobby.  This isn’t about bigotry, unfairness or any of the other buzzwords employed by the Left.  In fact, it really isn’t a left right paradigm if you truly understand Anderson’s argument.  This is about permitting a societal shift that seeks to place the sexual whims, desires, and choices of adults above what is best for children.

In this clip, Anderson responds quite easily to the petulant questioning of a gay man who insists that he is discriminated against by Anderson’s defense of traditional marriage.

Here’s the full speech: (it’s excellent by the way, worth every minute of viewing time.)

Here’s the full Q&A…

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    Anna 2 August, 2014 at 23:52 Reply

    That was so great! thank you for posting a tool that can help us combat the idiocy and hatred that power the nazi’s who want to murder the us

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