They may be here illegally, just don’t call them illegal immigrants!

In what can only be deemed idiocy run amok, the Society of Professional Journalists calls for it’s members to call all persons in the United States with out valid citizen ship undocumented workers, instead of the correct term illegal immigrants.

Via NewsBusters:


A group that calls itself, “The nation’s most broad-based journalism organization, dedicated to encouraging the free practice of journalism and stimulating high standards of ethical behavior” sounds important, and would probably be a stickler for accuracy among its members and in its own affairs, wouldn’t it?

Not the Society of Professional Journalists. SPJ recently institutionalized political correctness, asserting that undocumented workers should not be tagged with the so-called offensive term “illegal.”


In any case, the Orwellian refusal to allow the term illegal in connection with immigrants further underscores liberal attempts to ignore reality in order to support an activist agenda.

And this is only the beginning right?  How about calling thieves “income challenged merchandise pickers” ?  People that lie, would be called “truth bending statement flubbers” and so on…  It would certainly slow down the speed of communication, but who cares about efficiency?


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