THIS is what Planned Unparenthood teaches kids (cartoon)

After a week of brazenly disgusting behavior from the pro abortion crowd, let us hearken back to a sweeter time shall we?  This classic cartoon showcases the true intentions of Planned unParenthood and their primary targets – our children.  Remember folks, their internal goal is 3 abortions for each woman during her childbearing years.  

via The Blaze:

The hero in this cartoon is Dionysus.  Wikipedia describes this Greek God as:

“Dionysus (Ancient Greek: Διόνυσος, Dionysos) was the god of the grape harvest, wine making and wine, of ritual madness and ecstasy in Greek mythology. … Dionysus is represented by city religions as the protector of those who do not belong to conventional society and thus symbolizes everything which is chaotic, dangerous and unexpected, everything which escapes human reason and which can only be attributed to the unforeseeable action of the gods.” -Wikipedia

Escapes human reason: an apt description of the horror of abortion.  As I type this, children are being killed in the womb.  And millions of tax dollars are being used to do it.  

Of course now that Komen has been smacked back into their place and the blood thirsty folks at Planned unParenthood are temporarily sated, all is well!  Right?

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