Truth mixed with eye candy: Paul Ryan on our economic future









The Democrats have absolutely no plan to get America’s fiscal house in order.  There is no interest on their part in even discussing a budget,  passing a budget  or having a serious discussion on cutting spending.  Hence Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as VP.  Watch the first episode of a Path to Prosperity starring none other than Paul Ryan.

Via OMG Paul Ryan!.

Let’s refocus our efforts on what responsible people pay attention to: Our fiscal state.  We cannot go on in this manner.  Paul Ryan has a plan to get us back on the road to prosperity.

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  1. Avatar
    jeff c 21 August, 2012 at 14:46 Reply

    If the Democrats have absolutely no plan to get America’s fiscal house in order…Republicans must be completely clueless. We’ve tried their trickle down economics for the past 30 yrs or so. Can anyone with the IQ of a ten yr old say it has worked?
    Furthermore if anyone thinks Paul Ryan has some great idea to fix the deficit when he voted for every single deficit busting plan Bush II wanted, you’re extremely ill-informed. Was this guy a deficit hawk when he voted for two wars all the while voting for tax cuts as well as the Wall street bail out? Unfortunately, there are people in this country who understand that right tends to lie to get their point across.

    • Avatar
      conservativebabe 21 August, 2012 at 15:34 Reply

      Sure. the Right needs a mainstream media complex in the tank for us in order to brainwash the masses. The Right is trying to balance the budget and cut spending and that makes no sense to you. Spending what we have and decreasing borrowing form our enemies is the WRONG thing to do right?

      Can you hear the fallacy of your arguments? Aren’t you concerned that you are a bit out of touch with reality? Stop yelling about the wars and deal with the facts. Defense spending is just a drop in the bucket compared with our out of control entitlement spending. That must be dealt with. You keep on advocating for more debt, more spending, more reckless behavior. Let the adults handle this… It’s okay.

  2. Avatar
    jeff c 22 August, 2012 at 07:57 Reply

    If you think defense spending is drop in the bucket…i suggest you do a little more research on the matter. I promise you corporate welfare coupled with an over bloated military budget far outweigh any so called “entitlement” program. To be honest as a liberal I rather enjoy that phrase “entitlement” …because I’ve paid into the system, why wouldn’t I be entitled to receive a portion of what I’ve paid in?
    Furthermore …can you name “one” republican president since Eisenhower to balance the budget? Let me save you the time…there wasn’t any. You know the problem with republicans…..most are ill-informed and as a result they believe there are two sides to facts. Republicans are no more concerned with the deficit than the man on the moon…wasn’t it their hero dick cheney who said “deficit don’t matter”…it’s funny they spend like drunken sailors when in office and want to complain about the country’s debt when a Democrat is in office. That logic only works on the low hanging fruit of your base.

  3. Avatar
    mj 23 August, 2012 at 20:50 Reply

    so essentially, what you are really trying to say is thank you republicans in Congress in the 1990’s for balancing the budget, and thank you Democrats, that took over in 2007, for your lack of competency for not doing your number one job, creating a budget and again thank you for making Bush II look like an amateur when it came to ballooning our debt, gotcha

  4. Avatar
    John 15 September, 2012 at 09:40 Reply

    Bottom line is that defense spending is constitutional and entitlement spending is unconstitutional. Further, defense spending is just about at an historical low at 4.2% of GDP. Entitlement spending is the huge slice of pie on the budgetary chart. SPECIFIC WELFARE IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. A graduated tax system is a marxist system. Successful people are not second class citizens and should not shoulder any more of a tax burden (% wise) than any other citizen in this country. The Bush tax cuts favored the middle class the most. When Obummer took office 35% of Americans were paying no federal income tax, now it has risen to 49% who are paying no federal income tax. NO PERSON WHO DOES NOT PAY FEDERAL INCOME TAX SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO VOTE FOR FEDERAL CANDIDATES.

    Socialists (commiecraps) will always spend more money, because socialism is extremely expensive. You might say that republicans during Bush II spent too much money, but perspective is in order. DEMOCRAPPERS WILL ALWAYS SPEND MORE MONEY….AND IT’S WAYYYYY MORE MONEY.

    The hated rich have been carrying the nation for years. They pay an inordinate proportion of the tax burden in this country. Further, it is they who provide the investment, take the risk, provide the incentive and ingenuity to create the businesses and corporations that provide the jobs and services that are so important to the citizens of this country. Beyond that, they fund many civic projects in their communities, they give huge amounts to charity, they fund scholarships, endowments. etc., etc. and the list goes on.

    Both anecdotal and scientific studies, the most comprehensive of which was featured on 20-20’s TV program have found that liberals are niggardly people where it comes to charitable donations. The study featured on 20-20 found that even the poorest evangelical Christian gave more to charity than the richest liberal.

    The problem with liberals/leftists is that they are overendowed with arrogance, but starved to death where truthful information is concerned. They get their information spoon-fed to them by leftwing sources and run off to spew the disinformation around the internet, entirely clueless to the fact they have been propagandized.

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