Utah bill mandates 72 hour abortion waiting period

Utah is leading the way with the passage of this law.  Any measure that gives an unborn child’s mom the opportunity to consider the lifelong implications of abortion is exactly what legislators should be doing.  

via The Salt Lake Tribune

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signed legislation Tuesday requiring women to wait 72 hours before receiving an abortion, giving the state the longest waiting period in the country.

“The governor is an adamant supporter of rights for the unborn and felt the bill appropriately allows a woman facing such a decision time to fully weigh her options, as well as the implications of the decision,” said Ally Isom, the governor’s spokeswoman.

To illustrate the point being made by the passage of this law, this startling graphic on abortions by county in the great state of New York, shows an abortion rate of 53.43% in one zip code.  The goal of Planned Parenthood is to make abortion as readily accessible and easily available as is humanly possible.  In New York that goal has been achieved and result is a bloody terror.


via The Chiaroscuro Foundation

More babies are killed via abortion than are born in New York.  This is an unacceptable future to voters in Utah and their legislators have heard the people and passed a bill to ensure that the fate of New York does not become their own.  Allow that to sink in a moment please.  More babies are aborted than born alive.  The assertion that all women are making an informed well thought out choice isn’t borne out by the numbers here is it?  

The media is complicit in their refusal to showcase the true rate of abortion or even mention the detriment to women that it poses.  Nationally, U.S. birth rates are down while the abortion rate remains steady.  Knights of Columbus polling during a national study done by the Marist Institute shows Americans are pro life, and just 11% are solidly in favor of abortion.  This follows a two year trend in favor of the pro life position.


via the Marist Institute

Nationally many states are taking a pro life position.  The state of Texas is facing a funding dilemma due to the state’s stance on abortion providers.  The White House has defunded the state run Women’s Health Program because Texas has refused to use tax dollars to fund abortion providers, Planned Parenthood being the chief recipient of these funds.  Roughly 80% of the program’s participants are already using non abortion healthcare providers for their care.  In an obvious move to seek retaliation for the pro life stance, Texas will lose 29.8 million dollars per year from the Federal Government.  Governor Perry has promised to continue to serve the healthcare needs of the 130,000 women eligible for the program.

Abortion hurts women, leaving many depressed and suicidal.  There are lasting emotional and physical effects experienced by post abortive women.  These effects have been documented, yet there is a deafening media silence on the issue.  How many more states have to join the killing fields of New York to open the eyes of the pro abortion folks?


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    Margaret 28 March, 2012 at 19:14 Reply

    The New York statistics should be available and published for every state in the union. What do you suppose the abortion rates are in Chicago, Philadelphia, Mobile, San Francisco, LA? Ok, how about Bismarck? or Great Falls, or Boise? Is 50% – 60% abortion what we want as a nation? Wouldn’t it be interesting to poll women on their attitudes toward healthcare for anyone over 50, over 60 or over 70, and find out how their experience corolates with their attitudes toward life. When Roe V Wade was passed in the 70s, we were kids, and we knew it was going to change our reverence for life, and for one another, but no one has ever studied how exactly those attitudes are manifesting themselves. We are a sinful and corrupt generation. God have mercy.

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