#VIDEO Black America: Do we want a seat at the table or not?

Winners will take a meeting with a powerful business person or influential individual because they want their voices heard.  A person that is interested in getting their goals accomplished focuses on the end game.  In this video, I explain why the continual discussion of race is hampering Americans from getting real results on tough issues.

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    Jeff 5 May, 2017 at 01:04 Reply

    Stacey, be careful because you’re speaking the truth! Most people don’t care about race anymore, they care about results. The people who do mention race are using race as a wedge, to advance themselves. Like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They don’t make legitimate arguments, they play on people’s fears. They perpetuate the myth that race is everything, when in real life people don’t really care. If you can make someone money, then they really don’t care what race you are, YOU’RE MAKING MONEY! It’s annoying when I hear that crap.

    I personally think it’s evil to focus on race, because it teaches people that they “can’t make it” when in reality, they can! You don’t know how many black kids, that live on the street that I do, think that we are going to “turn in” their family members. It’s bizarre to me, because I grew up with black people in my neighborhood, which was aging, and never ran into anything like that! I was always friends with everyone. There was no “racial tension” we were kids having fun together. But now the parents teach this B.S. to their kids and it escalates, often times from nothing.

    I’m just sick of the B.S. and want people to be cool, and actually pay attention to what’s going on around them!

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