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Give a lady her own show and all professional decorum goes out of the window. I mean who gives a freakin’ hoot if this chick was tougher than Mitt Romney 50 years ago?

By the by, if she was in high school 50 years ago, then she has aged remarkably well, but she’s also Scary Spice on Meth. Tamron Hall has forgotten that any guest is bound to have some opinions of their own.

This story is trending nationally, so head over to Twitter and give as good as she did…

UPDATE: Head on over to El Sooper for a peek at his Heavy Meta t-shirt design…  It’s awesome!


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  1. Avatar
    Michael 11 May, 2012 at 20:26 Reply

    And you actually called her a “lady”? What a LOSER she is and a crybaby. I’m not shocked at all though…that is there mode of operation. Put a story out there, give it fake creds and then pounce on the opposition non stop by any means necessary. Gotta love the libs especially when they fear the coming trouncing O’s gonna take come Nov.

  2. Avatar
    Stacy on the Right 11 May, 2012 at 20:39 Reply

    She clearly wanted to cover only what fit her agenda against Romney. This tactic usually works, but not with Carney.

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