What’s at stake

We are watching as our country degenerates into anarchy.  People are camped out in our cities and ports, and the behavior is very unseemly.  

What should our response be?  Where do we turn in troubled times such as these?  And who will be the first to call for a stop to the madness and offer solutions that work?  We must return to God.  We are a nation of individuals and all are not religious.  But most Americans believe in God and practice a faith.  We must return to that, because it is the source of our success as a nation.  Look around.  Things are degenerating quickly and it’s time that we get it together.

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  1. Margaret 4 November, 2011 at 16:25 Reply

    I remember the November 3, 1969 March Against the War (Vietnam}) in San Francisco. The March is credited with turning Congress against the War. What a lot of people don’t know is that my high school, and most High Schools in a 100 mile radius of the March had massive numbers of absent kids that day. The foreign policy of the United Stae turned on high school students cutting school and going to The City for a fall day.Who are these people? They are largely union, they are largely Communist Party members (Especially in Oakland) and there are substantial number of employed/trust fund babies joining them (Especially in New York). What is our national policy turning on? Whose disaffection? With what specific sector of our nation? And out of the millions of Americans not demonstrating, what portion of the population may be a determining factor in any action taken by the Administration?These people, who can’t answer these questions themselves, are being gathered precisely so that their unmolded minds can be encouraged to violent demonstration. And what then?Who stands to benefit?

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