Why I am Pro Life, posted 7/28/11

Life.  What should it mean for us as a nation? When we consider how much we value our own lives and the lives of our loved ones, we must admit that life has intrinsic meaning. So why do we as a nation deny that life to the very smallest among us? Why do we permit the acceptance of the argument that what is growing inside a woman is a clump of cells or tissue? All organisms reproduce after their own kind. And if something is growing then it is alive. So the life of a human being begins the moment it starts to grow. And he or she is a human from that first moment, because at no point has a woman ever become pregnant and given birth to anything other than a human being!


Beyond these basic facts looms an untouchable among the proponents of abortion. That untouchable is the origin of abortion itself – eugenics. Once a group of people deems another ‘untouchable’ and ‘unworthy of reproduction’, a means for preventing that reproduction must be sought, with the hope of their complete elimination. And that is exactly what Margaret Sanger was doing when she created Planned Parenthood. Her plan was to target Blacks, and the poor for elimination. And her goals are being realized at a staggering pace with an efficiency that would be envied in any other situation.



The statistics on abortion are gruesome. Worldwide there are over 148 million abortions each year. In the U.S. there are over 1.4 million abortions per year. Of this total in the U.S. 38 % are abortions done on Black women. So there are 16 million fewer Black people alive today because of abortion. That is a loss of over 40 % of the Black population. In any other situation, that sort of killing would result in a massive outcry and military intervention. Yet the silence around this genocide is deafening. This loss of life is more than double the number of innocents that were lost to the Holocaust. It is a total greater than the loss of life during the KKK’s reign of terror. There are no modern day equivalents to this legal loss of innocent life.


The question becomes how to stop the bloodshed. Many abortion proponents argue that Pro Lifers are only concerned while the baby is in the womb, but once it is born that baby ceases to be a concern. This is a widely spread untruth. Most of the successful programs for unwed moms and women facing unintended pregnancy are run by Christian and or faith based organizations. One such group is the Pregnancy Resource Centers. They offer the same services to women as Planned Parenthood, excepting abortion.  So they test for STD’s, they give ultrasounds, they refer women for mammograms. And they offer counseling and assistance for the new mom and baby. Clothing, diapers, strollers, cribs, you name it. All privately funded, which means that people who are Pro Life are certainly concerned about babies after they are born.


It’s time that we changed the dialogue about this issue. If you are post abortive there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. If you are not a person of faith, there is no condemnation for you either. Just a place of healing and moving forward that doesn’t involve accomplishing Margaret Sanger’s goal of killing all Blacks and the poor. Let’s not help a racist eugenicist achieve anything.
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