Wisconsin continues to lead the way…

by Stacy Washington on 08/11/11

Quietly and without much notice on major media outlets, the Wisconsin recall efforts are proving that out of state dollars don’t always purchase a win. As of today, the Republican legislators are still in the majority in the state Senate. Two Democrats were able to unseat their opponents, but in an election where out of state union cash outspent the GOP two to one, the results are meager at best.

What is the hubbub? Lets look at the results of the legislation that Governor Walker and the state legislators passed into law. Governor Walker faced a $3.6 billion budget deficit upon taking office. After the passage of Act 10 there is a $300 million surplus. The savings were produced by having state goverment employees contribute 12.6% to their health care and 5.8% to their pensions. From May to June Wisconsin has added 12,900 private sector jobs!

School districts in Wisconsin are using the roadmap provided by this success to negotiate with their employees and use the savings to protect jobs.

Next week Wisconsin voters will decide the fates of the two Democrat Senators that are up for recall…

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